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Can I Have Artificial Grass If There Is No Access to My Backyard

Can I Have Artificial Grass If There Is No Access to My Backyard?

Can I have artificial grass if there is no access to my backyard? Yes, you can still have artificial grass installed in your backyard even if there’s no direct access.

Can I Have Artificial Grass If I Live In A Mid-Terrace House?

Installing artificial grass in your backyard can transform it into a low-maintenance, green oasis. However, if there’s no direct access to your backyard, you might wonder if it’s still possible to enjoy the benefits of synthetic turf. Mid-terrace homeowners, especially in London, usually experience this issue. But at ARTTRAGrass Milton Keynes Artificial Grass, we always have a solution for this. Let’s explore the options available for installing artificial grass when traditional access routes are limited.

Assess Accessibility Options

First, assess the accessibility options available to reach your backyard. Explore alternative routes, such as side gates, pathways, or neighbouring properties with permission. Measure these routes to ensure they can accommodate the transportation of materials and equipment.

  • Side Passages: Many terrace houses have side passages that lead to the backyard. Assess whether there’s a side passage that can be used to transport materials and equipment for artificial grass installation.
  • Front Access: In some cases, it may be possible to access the backyard through the front of the house or neighbouring properties with permission. Coordinate with installers to determine if this is a feasible option.

Coordinate with Professionals

We are artificial grass specialists who have experience navigating challenging access situations. We can assess your property and provide insights into the best approach for transporting materials and equipment to your backyard.

  • Experienced Installers: Our artificial grass installers have experience working in urban environments and navigating access challenges. We will assess your property and suggest the best approach for installation.
  • Alternative Methods: Our installers may suggest alternative methods for transporting materials and equipment, such as using smaller machinery or breaking down materials into smaller pieces for easier transport.

Consider Installation Methods

Choose installation methods that minimise disruption and simplify logistics. Roll-out synthetic turf may be more manageable than pieces requiring assembly. Alternatively, consider modular sub-bases or sectional installations that can be transported in smaller pieces.

Explore Temporary Solutions

For temporary or smaller-scale projects, consider synthetic grass mats or tiles that can be easily transported and installed without heavy equipment. These temporary solutions can provide flexibility until a more permanent installation method becomes feasible.

  • Synthetic Grass Mats: You may also want to consider using artificial grass mats or tiles for temporary installations. These can be transported in smaller pieces and easily installed without heavy equipment.
Can I Have Artificial Grass If There Is No Rear Access

Coordinate With Your Neighbours

If neighbouring properties have easier access to your backyard, seek their cooperation and permission to use their access points for installation purposes. Clear communication and cooperation with neighbours can facilitate a smoother installation process.

Plan Ahead

Plan the installation timeline carefully to coordinate with any necessary permissions, equipment rentals, or transportation arrangements. Communicate clearly with our installers to ensure everyone is on the same page regarding access and logistics.

Case Study – Mr McGrath (Mid-Terrace House – Paddington)

  1. Introduction
    • Mr. and Mrs. McGrath had a garden that suffered from the lack of sunlight, which ended up in their grass constantly getting muddy patches. With three young children, the garden was hardly used by the family.
    • The problem we faced was getting the soil out through the house as there was no access through the back garden. Another challenge was that, due to the length of the grass roll, it was impossible to get the grass through the corridors and through the doors.
  2. Problem Statement
    • The client was very particular about any marks or scratches that the grass roll would cause on their walls. They also expressed their concerns about the possibility of their parquet floors being scratched by our wheel barrows.
    • This problem was significant and impactful because, in order to get all the substrate through the house, we had to use a wheel barrow. Also, the grass roll had to fit through.
    • The customer could not ask the neighbours for permission to access his garden through theirs, due to past bad experiences.
  3. Solution and Implementation
    • After assessing everything, we decided that removing the existing lawn wasn’t feasible. We then explained our Risk And Method Statement to the customer and reassured them.
    • We decided to lay a floor protector all over the floors, in order to push the wheelbarrow through the house.
    • We used multiple 25 kg bags of MOT Type 1 and sharp sand, instead of the usual 850kg or tonne bags. This was challenging and an expensive option.
    • We also had to remove the sash windows in order to fit the 4m long, 160kg artificial grass roll through.
  4. Impact
    • The customer was extremely delighted, which led to them recommending our company to some of their very high profile friends, colleague, and also, their families.
  5. Lessons Learned
    • The key takeaways from this project was that, though it was a project that many of our competitors had rejected, due to its complexity, out team tackled it in a professional manner. The customer’s recommendations led to installing our brand of artificial grass to many high profile customers including A-list celebrities in London.
    • This experience helped us to spot a gap in the market, which made us start taking on complex installations for our future projects.
  6. Summary
    • Even though we had the initial obstacle which made the customer feel there was no hope, we used our expertise and knowledge to deliver them with a lush garden.
    • Finally, we were able to successfully complete the project, and provide the family with a stunning all year round outdoor space.
Can I Have Artificial Grass If There Is No Access to My Backyard

FAQs: Can I Have Artificial Grass If There Is No Access to My Backyard

Q1: Is it possible to install artificial grass without direct backyard access?

Yes, it’s possible to install artificial grass even if there’s no direct access to your backyard. By exploring alternative routes, coordinating with our professionals, and considering installation methods, you can overcome accessibility challenges.

Q2: What are the options for transporting materials and equipment to the backyard?

Explore alternative routes such as side gates, pathways, or neighbouring properties with permission. Additionally, consider smaller, more manageable installation methods like synthetic grass mats.

Q3: How can I ensure that the installation process goes smoothly?

Coordinate with our experienced artificial grass installers who have expertise in navigating challenging access situations. Plan ahead and communicate clearly to address any potential logistical challenges.

Q4: Are there temporary solutions available for limited backyard access?

Yes, synthetic grass mats or tiles can provide temporary solutions for smaller-scale projects. These can be easily transported and installed without heavy equipment.

Q5: Can I use my neighbour’s access route for installation?

With permission from your neighbours, it may be possible to use their access points for transporting materials and equipment to your backyard. Clear communication and cooperation are essential in this scenario.

Q6: What factors should I consider when planning the installation timeline?

Consider factors such as permissions, equipment rentals, transportation arrangements, and the availability of installers. Plan the timeline accordingly to ensure a smooth and efficient installation process.

Q7: Will the lack of direct access impact the cost of installation?

The cost of installation may vary depending on factors such as the complexity of the access route, transportation requirements, and the chosen installation method. Discuss these considerations with our installation team to determine the most cost-effective approach.

Q8: Can I install artificial grass myself without professional assistance?

While DIY installation is possible, it may be more challenging in situations with limited access. Our team of professional installers have the expertise and equipment necessary to navigate such challenges effectively.

Q9: Are there any restrictions or regulations regarding backyard access for installation purposes?

Check with local authorities or homeowners’ associations for any regulations or restrictions regarding backyard access for installation purposes. Ensure compliance with any applicable rules or guidelines.

Q10: What are the benefits of installing artificial grass despite limited backyard access?

Installing artificial grass can still provide numerous benefits, including a low-maintenance, green outdoor space that enhances the aesthetics and usability of your property. With careful planning and coordination, you can overcome accessibility challenges and enjoy the beauty of faux turf in your backyard.


While limited access to your backyard may present challenges, with careful planning and coordination, it’s still possible to have artificial grass installed. By exploring alternative routes, coordinating with professionals, considering installation methods, and planning ahead, you can enjoy the benefits of faux lawn in your backyard, even without direct access. With the right approach, you can create a beautiful, low-maintenance outdoor space that enhances the aesthetics and functionality of your property.

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