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How Much Does Artificial Grass Cost To Install

How much does artificial grass cost to install?

How much does artificial grass cost to install? To accurately determine the cost of installing artificial grass for your project, we need specific details. Factors like the size and condition of the site, as well as the desired quality of artificial grass, influence installation costs, which vary for each project. Thus, an exact quote requires a professional assessment or more information about your garden.

If you’re seeking an estimate, artificial grass installation typically ranges from £55 to £75 per square metre, and even in excess of £100 per sqm in some instances. This estimate covers hiring a professional to handle the entire process, including removing existing turf, site preparation, and installing the artificial grass.

However, keep in mind that this figure is an approximation. Actual costs may differ, higher or lower, depending on various factors. While awaiting a precise quote, understanding artificial grass prices is crucial. Let me explain factors affecting costs, calculate installation expenses, some frequently asked questions, and explore ways to save money, even with natural grass installation.

Factors Influencing Artificial Grass Costs

1. Type or Quality of Artificial Grass

Artificial grass quality significantly impacts costs. Higher-quality options are more durable and realistic, but also pricier. Budget ranges start at £15 per square metre, while premium versions can reach £30+ per square metre.

2. Size of the Site

Larger areas require more materials and labour, increasing installation costs. Negotiating rates may save money on larger projects, but some installers impose minimum fees, potentially costing more for smaller gardens.

3. Accessibility and Site Condition

Ease of access affects installation logistics and costs. Less accessible gardens may incur higher charges. Additionally, site condition influences preparatory work, potentially increasing costs for additional tasks like turf removal or ground levelling.

4. Location of the Site

Urban areas typically have higher installation costs compared to rural areas due to higher labour and supply expenses.

Breakdown of Artificial Grass Costs

  • Artificial Grass: £15 – £30 per square metre
  • Skip Hire (Average): £200 – £280
  • Labour Cost: £150 – £300 per day for a landscape gardener
  • Sub-base: £24 – £36 per square metre
  • Adhesive for Jointing: £1.10 – £2.00 per square metre
  • Fixing Pins: £1.10 – £1.25 per square metre
  • Weed Suppressing Membrane: £2.5 – £9.50 per square metre
  • Kiln Dried Sand: £1.3 – £2 per square metre
  • Estimated Installation Cost (for 50 square metres): £2750 – £3750

Follow this formula to estimate your artificial grass costs: Total Cost (£) = Garden Size (in sqm) × Material Cost (£ per sqm)

For instance, a 50 square metre garden requires: £750 = 50 square metres × £15 to £30 per square metre

Using Our Artificial Grass Cost Calculator

Below is our artificial grass cost calculator. You can use it to work out the average cost of supply and installation combined cost for your garden. All you need to do is measure the widest point of you garden, using a measuring tape. Enter this measurement (metres) in the width field of this calculator. Next, measure the length of the area you wish to install artificial grass. Remember, this should be measured from the longest part of the area.

I have inserted an image of a diagram to help you to measure up as accurately as you possibly can. Start with measuring A to B, then move on to C to D. Next, measure A – D, and then finally, B – C. Click Calculate to reveal the approximate cost of installing artificial grass. This price does not include the skip!

Artificial Grass Cost Calculator
Artificial Grass Cost Calculator

Artificial Grass Cost Calculator

People Also Ask: How much does artificial grass cost to install?

FAQ 1: What factors determine the quality of artificial grass?

The quality of artificial grass is influenced by factors such as blade density, yarn type, UV protection, and backing material. Higher quality grass tends to be more durable, realistic, and may offer better warranties.

FAQ 2: Does higher quality artificial grass always cost more to install?

Yes, higher quality artificial grass typically comes with a higher price tag. The installation costs may also be higher due to the need for more precise installation techniques and additional materials. They can last for many years.

FAQ 3: How does the size of the area impact installation costs?

Larger areas usually require more materials and labour, leading to higher installation costs. However, economies of scale may apply, potentially reducing the cost per square metre for larger projects.

FAQ 4: Is there a minimum project size for artificial grass installation?

Most installers have a minimum project size of 20 square metres to cover their expenses effectively. This minimum size can vary between installers, but ARTTRAGrass Milton Keynes will take on any project, regardless of size.

FAQ 5: How does site accessibility affect installation expenses?

Difficult-to-reach areas may require additional effort and resources, increasing installation expenses. We may charge more for sites with limited accessibility due to the additional time and labour involved. However, we can assess and offer an affordable option.

FAQ 6: Are there additional charges for hard-to-reach areas?

Yes, we may impose additional charges for hard-to-reach areas due to the challenges involved in transporting materials and equipment to the site.

FAQ 7: What preparatory work is typically required before artificial grass installation?

Preparatory work may include removing existing turf, levelling the ground, installing a sub-base, and ensuring proper drainage. The extent of preparatory work depends on the condition of the site.

FAQ 8: Do installers include preparatory work in their quotes?

We include preparatory work in their quotes, while others may charge separately for these services. It’s essential to clarify this with the us before we proceed with your project.

FAQ 9: Do installation costs vary by region in the UK?

Yes, installation costs may vary by region due to differences in labour and material costs. Urban areas typically have higher installation costs compared to rural areas. Also, travel distance can contribute to this.

FAQ 10: Are there any additional considerations for installations in urban areas?

In urban areas, factors such as parking restrictions, limited space, and higher overheads may affect installation costs. It’s essential to discuss these considerations with our installation team beforehand.

Understanding these FAQs will help you navigate the artificial grass installation process more effectively and ensure that you have a clear understanding of the costs involved.

My Final Thoughts and Comparison

  • Artificial Grass vs. Natural Grass: While artificial grass incurs higher upfront costs, it offers long-term savings on maintenance. Natural grass may seem cheaper initially, but its ongoing maintenance costs exceed those of artificial turf.
  • Ways to Save: Consider our budget-friendly range, install it yourself, or negotiate to lower artificial grass installation expenses without compromising the quality.

Professional artificial grass installation costs range from £55 to £75+ per square metre. However, exact estimates depend on various factors. Utilise our costs calculator for estimates and make informed decisions based on your needs and budget. Artificial grass offers a low-maintenance, durable alternative to natural grass, enhancing any space with minimal upkeep.

If you are looking for experienced artificial grass suppliers, do not hesitate to contact us at 0800 433 2353. Alternatively, you can contact us via email at or click here. Our installation team cover the whole of Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire, and the London area.

Drought Lawns Artificial Grass

Install Artificial Grass: UK Heat Waves Leave Garden Lawns Dry

Whilst the idea to install artificial grass has not been on many people’s minds, the current lovely weather being experienced in UK has been causing some garden lawn headaches for lots of homeowners around the country.

As mentioned on BBC Breakfast television this morning, lawns are the most resilient things in your garden so when there are no rains the lawns turn to be fine. However homeowners can install artificial grass in their backyard of your garden.

The sunny weather has been amazing but the heat has caused lawns of some homes in Britain to dry up. Some pictures of backyards with dried lawns were shown on the programme and they looked very dry. A comment made by the hosts was that it did not matter how often the householders watered their grass, it dried off.

A south facing garden always has a greater chance of its grass surviving than one that isn’t and unfortunately in our experience as artificial grass specialists, the best solution for these ones has been to install artificial grass.

Why You Should Install Artificial Grass In Your Garden

The quality of artificial grass has improved in recent years and looks really natural. Synthetic turf has been around since the sixties but in recent years there has been some major improvements making it the ideal choice for a hassle-free life.

Install Artificial Grass Dry Patches

They come in different pile heights, density and colour shades so it is advisable to shop around and get lots of samples from a specialist supplier or installer.

The last few weeks has been a period of sports, with the world cup and now Wimbledon tennis championships. Unlike the nicely manicured lawns of these sports facilities, most will return to see their gardens that are suffering from the drought and that could be very disappointing.

So if you would like to get your garden looking like the lawns at centre court or Sochi stadium then do some research and get some quotes on how much it costs to install artificial grass.

Fake Grass Installation Pros and Cons Milton Keynes

Fake Grass Installation In Milton Keynes: The Pros And Cons Of It All

When it comes to replacing real grass, it might often seem like a shame to replace it with something that is not natural and removes the real feel of grass but fake grass is so advanced that it looks and feels like the real thing. Many people toy with the ideal of installing artificial grass but then they think that it could ruin the look of their garden and detract from the beauty of nature but this is not strictly true. Of course, with anything like this, there are Pro’s and Con’s and understanding them is key to making the right decision. So, let’s take a look at them and find out all there is to know about artificial grass.

Fake Grass Installation – The Pro’s

Simplicity – It is simple to install when done by professionals and that means that it can be installed in just a matter of hours. Once the correct preparation work has been done, it can be rolled out and put in place – simple!

Looks Great – Artificial grass is bright, vibrant and looks so much like the real thing that it instantly looks great. It gives any home or property a lift and almost brings it surroundings to life.

Low Maintenance – Unlike real grass, it will not need cutting every few weeks during the warmer months. It will not require strimming and it certainly will not require seeding and feeding. Once it is put in place, it requires very little work other than a quick brush every now and again.

Durable – Artificial grass is durable because of its hard-wearing properties. It can take a lot of use and abuse from children, pets and vehicles. This makes it ideal for those areas that experience high levels of traffic.

Versatile – It can be used almost anywhere. From the garden to rooms and even indoor events. It has a level of versatility that other types of flooring cannot offer.

Fake Grass Installation – The Con’s

It’s not real – You know that it is artificial but you also know that it is not real and that is what many people want. Therefore, its artificial feel can often deter people from purchasing it even if it does not even feel artificial!

It will have to be replaced eventually – Artificial grass has a long life span and that means that once it is put in place it will stand the test of time. However, at some point in the future, it will need to be replaced.

It requires very little attention – Believe it or not, many people enjoy looking after their garden and tending to it. This means that artificial grass is not what they are looking for.

It is clear to see that artificial grass has far more advantages than disadvantages. This is why it has grown in popularity and is now being installed by so many people. Its versatility, durability and great looks make it a fantastic addition to any property and what’s more is that it will certainly save you a lot of time when it comes to looking after it! Fake Grass Installation Pros and Cons Milton Keynes